Achieve your recycling goals

Be a high impact environmentally friendly company by reducing carbon emissions, ensuring responsible sourcing and enhancing circularity. Meet Indonesian regulator guidlines to Recycling, Reusing and Reducing (3Rs).

Traceability / Tracking

BBP helps track the amount your company recycle by providing you with a monthly report of the quantities and types of plastics you have provided. We also share the esimated carbon and energy savings your company has generated. We endeavour to share greater visibility into our recycling process so you can see how your waste breathes new life into new products.

Optimized Pricing

BBP offers competitive and transparent pricing for all kinds of plastic waste. We refresh pricing to reflect current market conditions and also assist in transportation and pick-ups.

Incorporate recycling into your Manufacturing Process


Evaluate Factory Waste

We help you conduct a detailed evaluation of your plastic waste mix and the most optimal recycling strategy.


Manage Logistics

We manage transportation and logistics to transfer your waste to our facility.


Ensure Timely Payment

We purchase all plastic waste on cash basis


Consult of Recycled Material Re-use

Our team of polymer and product specialists will work closely with your team to re-integrate recycled products as part of your feedstock mix thereby increasing circularity.