PP White


White color Homopolymer PP made from woven bag. Has a Medium Izod, perfect for bright color products

Clear color Homopolymer PP made post industrial Sheets. Has a Medium Izod, perfect for homeware products
Plastic Type
Ideal For
Medium Cycle Time Injection
MFI Range (g/10m)
7.8 – 9.0
Good for Industry

Good for Following Applications

Bright Color Products

This material can be used as a base for producing bright and vibrant colored products, with the added advantage that it doesn’t affect the color when used for this purpose.

Consumer Goods

PE products find applications in the production of various consumer goods, such as household items, toys, and personal care products. Their ease of molding and low cost make them ideal for mass-produced items.

Fibers and Textiles

PE can be processed into fibers and textiles, making it suitable for applications in the textile industry. It is used to produce non-woven fabrics, including disposable medical gowns, shopping bags, and protective clothing. PE fibers are valued for their strength and resistance to moisture and chemicals.

Industrial Tanks

It is suitable for the construction of industrial tanks due to its chemical resistance and durability.

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