Clear Pellets

Rp. 0 / Kg

PP Homopolymer Clear is made from 100% recycled polypropylene. PP Homopolymer Clear is typically clear/transparent, and shows a clear finish.

Clear color Homopolymer PP made post industrial Sheets. Has a Medium Izod, perfect for homeware products
Plastic Type
Ideal For
Medium Cycle Time Injection
MFI Range (g/10m)
8.8 – 15.2
Good for Industry

Good for Following Applications

Homeware Packaging

It is commonly used for packaging homeware products where transparency and clarity are desired.

Bright Color Products

This material can be used as a base for producing bright and vibrant colored products, with the added advantage that it doesn’t affect the color when used for this purpose.

Transparent Containers

It is ideal for manufacturing transparent containers used for various purposes, such as storage and display.

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